June 16, 2016

Cockroaches are one of the most despised animals by humans because of cockroach, including one animal that could spread the disease. Cockroaches used to live in dark places are dirty, damp and smelly. There are many diseases that can be caused by cockroaches, start from typhoid, toxoplasmosis, until the deadly SARS disease. Therefore cockroach should be kept away from where we live.

To expel cockroaches, other than the using the insecticide, it could also use natural ingredients. There are some natural materials that can be useful to expel cockroaches. You might try one or more of the following ingredients to expel cockroaches from your home.
1. Pepper Leaves
Small slices the fresh pepper leaves. The next place in areas that normally there was a cockroach. The odor generated by the peppers leaves will make cockroach feel uncomfortable and will leave your house.
2. Bay leaf
As like as the peppers leaves , sliced into small the fresh bay leaves. The next place the sliced leaves in places where cockroaches usually gathered. Aromas emerging from leaves will cause the cockroaches feel uncomfortable.
3. Jasmine flower
Besides as a perfume, jasmine can we doing to expel cockroaches. Slice to small jasmine flowers and place where cockroaches are. That emerged from the fragrant of jasmine turned out to give a different effect for a cockroach. This would make them uncomfortable.
4. Lavender flower
Put lavender flower seeds in places where normally a cockroach appeared. Besides can be expel cockroaches with its distinctive aroma, lavender can scent a room.
5. Pepper
Pure the pepper , then mix with water until it becomes a paste. Furthermore pepper paste you apply in the right places that you want to secure from interference of cockroaches.
6. Moth balls
Besides to scent the closets, mothballs was also a benefit to expel cockroaches. Place mothballs in areas where cockroaches usually gathered. Fresh smell will expel the cockroach.
7. Bar soap
You cut into small the bar soap, put in a bowl of water. Mix until mixed with water. Furthermore, place in moist areas where normally the cockroach nest.
8. Pesticide (chemical used)
Call the proffesional pest control to expel cockroach in you home.

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