August 17, 2016

There are many types of creeping and crawling pests. Nobody wants any of them in their home, or even near their home. Ecomist offers a range of Eco-Friendly insect and pest control solutions that will eliminate pests and keep them away.

Here are some other ideas on how to keep unwanted visitors at bay.

Block openings rodents use to enter your home with steel wool.  Whilst rats and mice can chew through almost any type of material, steel wool is one that will prove too tough for them.  Any openings that are over a half an in inch in diameter need to be plugged as even these tiny openings are no obstacle for persistent rodents.

Keep sweet smelling food products in sealed containers or in the fridge. Sweet foods can attract a variety of pests, including rodents, ants and cockroaches. Invest in plastic containers to store sugar, cereals and breads.  Prevention is always better than cure.

Pest likes to hide in cracks and small crevices. Fill all the small hiding places you can find – a caulk gun is ideal for this.  Check for new hiding places regularly and replace the caulk if you need to. You can hide the caulk seals by painting over them.

Do you have ants in your home?  Combine sugar and borax to create a concoction that will get rid of ants. Use the mixture around your house, focusing on areas where you know ants come from.  The ants will be attracted by the sugar but the borax will kill them.

Inspect your home’s roof and water sills for any inefficient drainage. Standing water attracts insects. If you’ve got puddles forming that just won’t go away, look to the root cause and fix it. Sometimes it’s as easy as cleaning out a gutter.

Many pests carry diseases that can threaten the health of your family. We hope we have provided some DIY tips on how to prevent pest invasions in your home.  Ecomist have a range of pest control solutions that are Eco-Friendly and effective.

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