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Umas pest control company with fast service, effective and thorough treatments, customized to your needs. Umas be able to inspect your property, monitor for pest activity, identify any pests found, and then come up with a plan and make recommendations that are specific to where you live.

Save Your Cost

Our 5 stars protection plans will keep your assets safe from pest without hassle. Saves your money from early renew property because of damage.

Save Your Efforts

Our brand is built to be company you can trust and deal with any kind of pest problems with in your area immediately

Save Your Time

Schedule a Complimentary inspection of your Residential or Commercial place and effectively rid your life of pests. Our professional team will visit you shortly!


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Residential Services

We work hard to service every client’s needs effectively to protect one of their most important investments, their homes. Your homes will be treated and monitored by one of our highly trained technicians for maximum effectiveness.

Commercial Services

Pest can destroy the businesses image and be a severe threat to peoples’ health. We offers several services in order to keep pest free in your office, restaurant, hospitality and another commercial business.

Government Services

Umas Pest Control provides unbeatable service to our government every step of the way. We take our
responsibility seriously, and will work our hardest to keep the government environment and society environment pest free.

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What Kind Of Speciality We Have

We believe that your trust is the most important. Therefore we always prioritize the goal to be the solution to your satisfaction in handling pest problems. The existence of our experience is the proof of our commitment to you.


Our company grow during more than 11 years, updated experiences In Pest control/ Termite/ Rodent/Roach Control industry

Skilled & Certified

More than 70 Skilled Teams has certified in the Pest Management System. We trusted by more than 250 clients/ every months during yearly services.

Complete Tools

We enrich our team with complete pest control preventive methods and high-class pest control equipments

24/7 Hours Support

With our 24-hour response time, we ensure you will have your pest control issue addressed immediately

The Best Services

We providing you with the best customer service experience to protect your important investments

Quality & Guarantee

Quality come first! It will be guarantee for the most effective budget, time, and effort to prevent your assets from pest!

[The Best Services]


We recommend our integrated programs which is fast and effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family, and business.  We’ll start with a comprehensive, on-site inspection and deliver scientifically based, customized solutions that help provide unparalleled results to meet your exact needs.

Rodent Control

An abundance of food, water and protection from predators, there is not a city in the world that doesn’t have a thriving rat population. Umas Rodent Control Method’s will increased rat infestations in the urban landscape

Wildlife Control

Wildlife can often carry disease, get into garbage, and damage property. Schedule your FREE Inspection now and we will get to work putting your wildlife concerns behind you. We are experience in wildlife (snake, racoon, monkey, etc) removal and exclusion.

Termite Control

Each year, termites inflict $4-$5 Billion worth of damage to homes, like yours. So, Termite protection is not a luxury, it is a necessity! Don’t waste another day to save your assets. Umas Termite Control Service is your solution!

Bed Bug Specialist

Bed bugs only feed on blood. The frustration they can cause is not only due to the emotional stress of dealing with parasites, but also the irritation of their bites and the potential for secondary infection from constant scratching. Contact us for further solutions.

Ants Control

Ants not only will bite or sting, or perceived as unclean and humans tend to have a natural aversion to insects, but particularly true of carpenter ants that bore into wood and could be weaken wooden structures. We’ll help you get rid of ants and keep them away with our Ants removal methods.

Mosquito Control

Annoying signs of mosquiot activity include the buzzing of the females and their bites. People have different reactions to bites, ranging from mild irritation to intense inflammation and swelling. Mosquito also can caused danger disease. Contact your Umas mosquito control to solve further!

Roach Control

Roaches can carry pathogens into your food and spread diseases. Roach also droppings and shed skins are a major cause of allergies and can be particularly dangerous to anyone with asthma. Effective pest control solutions from UMAS can eliminate roach infestations faster!

Flies Control

More than 100 pathogens are associates with the house flies and can cause disease in human and animals, including typhoid fever, cholera, Bacillary dysentery and Hepatitis. Remove flies important for your clean environment and healthy. Hire us, experienced fly control services to protect you more!


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No matter what kind of business you’re in, we have a solution for you. Find out what our clients can expect our services.

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