August 24, 2016

Cockroaches are not any homeowner’s friend. They live anywhere- in apartments, teepees, trailers, and houses. They carry dysentery and eat your clothing, books and worst of all food. They also leave droppings anywhere, and it’s not one of the best sights. They can squeeze their way through cracks that are a quarter-inch thick and live for thirty days without food.

Why get rid of cockroaches?

You need not be a scientist to know the need to flush out cockroaches from your yard. These insects leave excrement and saliva on your cookware, countertop or any other surface they tread on. Besides causing diarrhea, dysentery, and food poisoning, they also pose the threat of childhood asthma. If you are looking for tips to get rid of coaches in your yard, here are a few you might want to consider.

Use Roach Baits and Poisons

Establishing the kind of bait or poison to use trickles down to the question of how big your problem is. If you regularly see cockroaches during the day, the chances are that you might be dealing with a large roach population. In most cases, these pests feed during daytime if the population is too big to support nighttime feeding. In such a scenario, spray and dust poisons are considered the best and most efficient since the cover a large area and there’s no need to lure a cockroach to the poison. These sprays scratch a cockroach’s exoskeleton thus dehydrating it, and we all know no water, no survival.

Caulk any Gaps or Cracks

Because of their incredibly small size, cockroaches can make their way through any opening be it between walls, pipes, cabinets, baseboards and countertops. It is for this reason that homeowners are advised to seal off any openings that can give cockroaches access to your home. Besides, sealing the openings leaves them with limited places to hide and in the long run, they might look for other places to live.

Store Garbage in Sealable Containers

Garbage is one major attraction for roaches because dirt is their dwelling place. If you have an outdoor bin, it is advisable to have it as a goof-proof container so that roaches will not climb and seek refuge. Also, ensure that the garbage is collected on a regular basis before it starts stinking because that might also attract the much-dreaded roaches.

Hire a Pest Professional

If it becomes too overwhelming to get rid of the roaches by yourself, then you can seek the services of pest removal companies. These experts will stop at nothing to ensure that your yard and home is free from roaches. Although it might be expensive, it is worth the money if you look at the long term effect. A single visit might not be enough, and monthly visits are also recommended to ensure that the roaches never return.

Getting rid of roaches is not just about sanitary standards, it’s about your health too. They can be a significant threat to your well-being.   Contact Antworks Pest Control for more information.

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