May 14, 2016

Here is tips to eliminate and expel the lizard in your house:

  • Without the tools
  1. Make Your Home Clean
    you can try this way, ie cleaning your house to make small insects which are the main food from lizard not wander around your house. With the reduced of food sources , lizard naturally will leave your house.
  2. Lowering the room temperature
    By lowering the temperature in your home will make the lizard uncomfortable. This is because the lizard is a reptile are particularly liked the hot air, aside from the lizard’s ability to adapt to temperature is also not good. So if the air in your home to be cold, lizard had decided to go.
  • With Natural Ingredients
  1. Use moth balls
    Moth balls can be used to expel lizard. The trick by placing mothballs in places of lizard hiding like behind a cupboard and above the ceiling. The aroma of mothballs will make the lizard feel uncomfortable and decided to leave.
  2. Use Tobacco
    Tobacco effectively used to expel the gecko. Because the gecko is closely related to lizard, course this way will be effective if directed to lizard. Exact same steps with the use of mothballs.
  3. Use Feather of Peacock
    Pattern of peacock feathers that are pattern of bright eyes will make lizards thinking as a predator. Moreover, when exposed to light, then the feathers will be shiny and it will make the lizards became scared and he did not return.
  • With chemicals or pesticides
  1. The water sprayof Soap / Detergent

To make this soapy water, first of all, prepare an empty bottle of bottle, can used bottle of perfume spray. Then, fill it with 3/4 bottle of clean water. Then, give the soap / detergent powder to taste. Shake a minute in order to soap dissolved in water.

  1. Call the professional pest control
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