21 Oct

Flies are carry more disease than we thought. One of the ways flies carry a disease for human is if flies landed on food.

Type of Flies

There are many type of flies around us, but the types of flies that we often find, such as :

  1. House Fly (musca domestica)
  2. Fruit Flies (drosopila species )
  3. Blue Bottle Fly (callipora vomitoria)
  4. Drain Flies (psychodidae)
  5. Flesh Fly (family-sarcophagidae)
  6. Horse Fly (family tabanidae)

Is it safe to eat something a flies landing in?

Flies might have landed on faeces and garbage. They can then contaminate the food by transferring the microbes from those surfaces. The result is if that food already landed with a flies, totally not safe to consume. What kind of bacteria do flies carry? According to the Scientists data the bacteria do flies carry such as : Salmonella typhosa, E. coli, Entamoeba histolytica, Shigella dysenteriae. What are diseases caused by flies?

  • typhoid fever
  • dysentery
  • cholera,
  • tularemia
  • eye infections
  • diarrhea

Easy Way To Get Rid Of Flies

The risk because of flies can not only threaten your family health but also your business. It can be impact your company image. That’s why prevention and control of flies is an important. As we know covid-19 virus can impact if we are not in a good condition. We should to protect our health and also diseases caused by flies. How to get rid of flies with a simple way? Make sure your environtment is clean because flies exactly don’t like hang out in the cleanest environtment.

If you don’t have a time for that, don’t worry! We are ready for help your problem caused by flies. We as a pest control service have a special highly integrated method to minimize the spread of flies in your property. The important thing you should to know is we use a eco friendly chemical to get rids of flies. Protect your health and family with us. Free survey and consultation with us. For further information, and any question please contact us:


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