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28 Jun

Fly Repellen Jimbaran – This one insect is indeed often present in our homes, the presence of flies will be very disturbing because it makes a fairly noisy sound and spreads the virus to the things it touches. Plus it will be very dangerous for our health if flies stick to food because it will leave bacteria.

3 Places Liked by Flies:

1 Dirty Dishwasher

This one place is often forgotten as a place for flies to come. Even though it looks clean, sometimes when cleaning the dishes the smell from the food that was washed will stick to the place where we wash the dishes. This can trigger the arrival of flies. In addition, when washing fish and leftover meat, they leave a fishy smell in the dishwasher. Therefore, in addition to cleaning dirty dishes, the washing place also needs to be cleaned regularly

Unfortunately, the sink is often considered clean if there are no dishes in it. In fact, the smell of used food being washed there can be a trigger for flies to come.

2. Leftover Food

Have a habit of leaving leftovers on your plate? Flies will happily perch on the leftovers, because flies have a taste for food similar to humans. Female flies need protein to be used to produce eggs, the female insect will look for the leftover food that we leave to eat. It’s a good idea to use a serving hood or use a food container to store food to avoid the bacteria left by flies.

3. Animal Poop

If you are caring for an animal at home, be sure to clean the litter. Because if the animals excrete waste carelessly, it will be difficult for us to clean it, besides that, the feces that are released from the animals will also be infested with flies. The pungent smell of animal droppings is liked by flies. Therefore, as an animal owner, you should not be lazy to clean it so that the room does not become dirty and becomes a nest of flies.

Flies Repellent Jimbaran

The appearance of flies in your residence is certainly very disturbing activities, especially if the flies are already in large numbers. Health is a factor that needs to be considered with the presence of nuisance flies. If the number of flies in your place is still only a few of course it is still easy to get rid of them. But if you are overwhelmed with dealing with the problem of many flies, Umas Pest Control can help to deal with it.


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