February 15, 2021

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Y’all the life cycle of insects and the way they reproduce, Wonokromo Pest Control Services  will provide a little information about the life cycle of insects that are around us.

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The life cycle of insects is generally divided into two stages, namely the stage of growth / development and maturation or ripening. During the development phase energy is devoted to the growth process, while during the maturation phase energy is devoted to dissemination and reproduction.

From the data of the Wonokromo Pest Control Services, newly hatched insects have sizes and shapes that are sometimes completely different from adult insects. Changes in shape that are experienced from eggs to adult insects are called metamorphosis. The degree of this change varies across different insects. It is known that there are three types of insect metamorphosis, namely:

Do not undergo metamorphosis or ametabola

Changes in the structure of the body in these insects are almost invisible, so it is often called not undergoing metamorphosis. Examples of ametabolic insects are Collembola, Thysanura and Diplura. The prepubescent form of ametabola is called a nymph

Simple metamorphosis

The development of this insect changes gradually in its outer form from egg to adult form. The pre-adult form is called a nymph, and has similar habits to the adult. This group of insects is also called the Paurometabola. Examples include lice (Phthiraptera), ladybugs (Hemiptera), termites (Isoptera), grasshoppers (Orthoptera), cockroaches (Dictyoptera) (Figure 2.3). In addition, there are also insects that are included in the simple metamorphosis group but in the pre-adult stage they live in water, for example the dragonfly (Odonata). The pre-adult form is called naiad or grub. This group of insects is also called hemimetabola.

Complete metamorphosis

Changes in body structure in insects are very large from various stages. This insect is considered by people as an insect whose development is advanced in the evolutionary history of insects. This group of insects is also called the Holometabola. Examples are flies (Figure 2.4), mosquitoes (Nematocera), fleas (Siphonaptera), beetles (Coleoptera). butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera), ants, bees and wasps (Hymenoptera).

That’s a little information from the Wonokromo Pest Control Services that can be given to you to add information about the insect pest cycle in your environment. If you have questions about pests or you have a complaint with pests, our Wonokromo Pest Control Services are ready to help you control pests in your environment.

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