April 23, 2021

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Disinfectants are chemicals that are used to prevent inflammation or contamination by microorganisms or drugs to eradicate disease bacteria. Other interpretations of disinfectants

is a chemical compound that has a toxic character and has the expertise to kill microorganisms that are directly exposed to disinfectants. Disinfectants do not have penetrative energy so they are unable to kill microorganisms in the cracks or mineral contaminants. Not only that disinfectants cannot kill germ spores, so other procedures such as sterilization by autoclaving are needed.

Incidents in China where a woman drank a disinfectant

A woman faces an injury to her stomach after accidentally drinking a glass of disinfectant given by a fast food restaurant waitress as a substitute for water.

The woman, known as Dugu, initially asked a staff member for a glass of iced water at a fast food restaurant in Suzhou in eastern China in late March.

After drinking it, he felt strange about the taste of the drink he was sipping, unlike what he used to drink. To make sure, Dugu also tries to drink it back.

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instead he felt pain in his stomach. Dugu then begged his friend Chen to smell the drink.

Unable to tell anything out of the ordinary, Chen took a sip and convinced the strange taste of the glass of water.

Because of their suspicion, Dugu also asked one of the fast food employees. They found the answer that the restaurant waiter accidentally mixed it with disinfectant.

Quickly, Dugu was also rushed to the hospital after feeling pain in his throat and bothersome cramps in his stomach.

The doctor diagnosed that he had chronic erosive gastritis, a condition in which acid tore into the lining of the stomach, causing bleeding and gastric ulcers.

The fast food restaurant initially offered 1.500 yuan (US $ 3.25) to cover medical expenses. However, Dugu wants them to make up for all of his lost wages and make up for the time wasted due to illness.

One report said that the restaurant had previously tried to get Dugu to sign a confidentiality agreement so that he would not post the incident on social media.

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