November 8, 2021

What is fumigation Initial Aid for poisoning when inhaling fumigation

Short Exposure:

  1. Remove the victim from the toxic area and provide a 100% pure oxygen bonus and provide access to a fresh air area. Rescuers don’t go into toxic areas without using SCBA.
  2. Warm the frostbite injured area.

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Exposure to the Eyes

Flush exposed eyes with plenty of water, for at least 15 minutes. If irritation, soreness, swelling, or always photophobia, take the patient to a healing clinic.

  1. Effects of Fumigants on Humans
  2. Sulfuryl Fluoride(SF)

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SF is a dangerous fumigant and is highly toxic to humans because it can cause serious illness and even death. SF gas is difficult to find because it is colorless and odorless. The emergence of indications of poisoning in humans who are exposed to SF exposure through inhalation depends on the concentration and duration of exposure they experience.

Early signs of SF exposure are the formation of mental stress and lethargy. Exposure to high concentrations of SF can cause seizures, tremors, and muscle rigidity (strychine). Exposure to SF above the threshold in the long term causes respiratory problems, irritation, nausea, abdominal pain, mental stress on the central nervous system, slowed movement and speech, and numbness.

Exposure to large concentrations of SF in a short time can cause convulsions and death due to the development of cardio-respiratory failure. Humans who are exposed to SF must be taken out of the room immediately to get fresh air and must get adequate rest and always be tested for clinical observations there are no drugs / antidote to SF toxins.

SF has a comfortable threshold of 5 ppm with an exposure time limit of 8 hours per day, optimally 5 consecutive days per person.

There are several toxic materials used for fumigation that have a PH3:

  1. Is a very toxic compound and has good and uniform penetration
  2. Does not have an impact on aroma, color and taste on the fumigated commodity
  3. Absorption by product is low
  4. Smells like carbide/garlic
  5. Exposure time (exposure time) at least 5 x 24 hours or according to product specifications
  6. Aspect conversion gram/m3 to PPM equal to 730
  7. At concentrations above 1.8% by volume in air or 25 grams/m3 at normal air pressure, it explodes easily
  8. At temperatures above 100oC (degrees Celsius)/212oF easy to burn by itself
  9. Reacts with copper/precious metals or materials made from copper/precious metals and corrodes at relatively large temperatures and humidity

What is fumigation

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What is fumigation

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