October 1, 2022

The appearance of flies to our place will be very disturbing. The presence of flies roaming also indicates that the house is not well maintained. Even these small insects can transmit germs when they land on food or commonly used items. This will potentially be a source of disease. Knowing the steps to deal with flies is important to know to maintain the health of those around you.

In addition to cleaning the house to keep it well-maintained and prevent the appearance of flies, Umas will provide tips on how to get rid of flies that you can apply independently.

The following tips you can try to do by utilizing natural ingredients that are easily available.

1. Clove Boiled Water

The aroma released from cloves is quite sharp, this makes flies do not like it. Soak the clove seeds using enough water in a container and then place the results in an area that is often infested with flies. By using this natural spice is quite effective to try during the day or night.

2. Sprinkle Salt

This almost always available ingredient can also be used to repel flies quickly. Just sprinkle salt on areas such as the kitchen, around the trash can. In addition to flies, ants can also help to repel ants.

3. Place the Lavender Plant

In addition to making the page look more beautiful, this plant can repel flies to mosquitoes. The scent of lavender is not liked by flies. To repel flies, you can simply plant lavender plants in the outside area and then keep a few stalks in the indoor area of the house.

4. Light a Candle

This method is often found in restaurants. Lighting candles can help prevent flies from getting close to food because of the heat from the wax that flies are afraid of. Therefore, you can also apply this method at home or when holding an event that serves food.

But make sure not to place the candle in a position too close to food or flammable objects, because it will be dangerous.

5. Pandan Leaves

Not only used for additional cooking ingredients, pandan leaves are also useful for repelling flies. This green leaf turns out to give off an odor that flies don’t like.

Use a few pandan leaves and cut them into small pieces, then place the pandan leaves in the container and put them in the place where the fly nuisance originates.

The various ways above you can do to keep the flies away. However, if the area affected by the disturbance is large and the fly population is very large, then it is better to use Pest Control services so that they are handled professionally. Umas is one of the pest control services in Bali that has been operating for more than 10 years. Various pest problems, especially flies, have been successfully handled.

Let’s immediately protect your area so that it is free from flies!

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