16 Mar

Vectobac biological larvicides WG is the only one in the world who have been meticulous in most countries and proved to be effective and safe, both for the environment and human (even can be sprinkled into drinking water reservoirs).

Vectobac WG is a biological larvicides was first discovered by the company Abbot Company, one of the major pharmaceutical companies in the United States. Initially is in an area in Israel an outbreak that causes insect repellent, and at the time of the disease outbreak response by way of eradicating mosquitoes and jentiknya, they found one of the lake which turned out to be hardly found mosquito larvae nor there. After doing research, they finally found a bacsil in the body of fish in the lake which was the exterminator of mosquito larvae there.

From bacsil is developed into larvicides which turned out to be very effective in killing mosquito larvae, because that’s now Vectobac WG known as larvicides which contain active BTI (bacsillus thuringiensis israelensis), which is the only larvicides in the world are made of biological active, excess active ingredients are safe for humans and other species, as it will only react to larvae, even safe to drink.

Advantages: This has the effect of larvicides Knock-Down Fast powerful and fast against the target larvae, low toxicity to mammals, odorless and environmentally friendly.

  • Active ingredient : Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTI)
  • Shape :  Granule
  • Packaging : Pot (50 gr and 500 gr), Pail (25 Kg)
  • Vendor : Valent BioSciences
  • Spreading Applications : Baiting (bait)
  • Target pests : Mosquito Larva Malaria
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