16 Mar

Engineering Excellence:

  • Type Backpacks, comfortable in spraying
  • Chemical fuel tank Transparent, easy to control residual chemical solution
  • With precision regulator valve on the nozzle head to adjust the flow as desired can use ULV applications or ULV Spraying, so versatile for users of wide area or narrow ULV wherever needed
  • Produce 90% of droplets with a diameter less than 15 microns, allowing droplets in the air for a long time before falling to the ground, durable prevent insects in the air.
  • Spray Nozzle is connected to a flexible hose with a handle on the nozzle, allowing spraying in places unreachable and difficult as the kitchen, under the cabinets and the ceiling

Spraying Nozzle Configuration Options

  • Wide-Angle Sprayying Swirl Nozzle : Suitable for spraying melee
  • Small-Angle Sprayying Swirl Nozzle : Suitable for spraying distance


Can be used to spray chemical with water or oil based formula, as for spraying pesticides, air fresheners, fungicides, disinfectants, vaccines poultry, etc. The tool is designed for indoor and outdoor use, such as hospitals, schools, Hotel, Resort, Greenhouse, food processing plants, warehouses, livestock and poultry cages, stables, etc.


  • Motor power: 60 W, 24V, DC Brushless Motor0
  • Nozzle: Wide-Angle Sprayying Swirl Nozzle
  • The flow rate of fluid (ltr / h): 0-27, can be customized
  • Tank Capacity (ltr): 5 L / 1.3 Gallon
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 380 x 208 x 90 mm3
  • Empty Weight (kg): 10.3 (Machine 8 kg + 1 Battery 4.7 kg)
  • Spray Application malaria: Swirl Nozzle No:
  • 53 grams of chemical in 5 liters of water to an area of ​​212.5 m2
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