03 Jul

Toxic Rats of Petrocum Power Are Rated To Mice Not Too | Dead Mouse Anti Odor Without Rotting Off Instantly

This type of petrocum poison is really powerful in eradicating the pests of rats either rats at home, on plantations, or in paddy fields.

This rat poison Has a bluish-colored block shape like a bluish brown and smells fishy until it is easy to cut and feed, just put it on a path that is often passed by a mouse that wants to be targeted so that the population of mice so quickly can be overcome with This petroleum rat poison in order not to cause pain in your environment.


How to work rat poison RODENTISIDA PETROKUM 0.005 BB, This toxin works slowly, so the rat does not experience deterrent bait. The mouse will die because of dehydration for 3-4 days, so it is found in a thin condition. So the process of decomposition is fast even very fast so it does not cause odor.


Rodenticide anticaugulan in the form of ready-made bait in the form of bluish-colored blocks. To control the Rattus argentiventer and Rat Ratus tiomanicus rat rats.


When using / using petroleum rat poison this, keep out of reach of children. Wear gloves when cutting or laying / poisoning petroleum rats, if exposed to the skin quickly clean up with running water.

So be careful in the use and storage.

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