June 7, 2022

Termite treatment seminyak – Not only humans can hate something, just like termites also don’t like something in their life. What termites hate can be a way for us to use these items to get rid of termites and stay away from our place. Umas pest control as a termite extermination service in Kebayoran Lama will try to describe some things that termites hate.

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3 Things Termites Hate


Basil is a kitchen spice that humans use to scent and add flavor to food to make it more delicious to enjoy. But it turns out that this basil has its own effect on termite colonies.

For termites, the smell of basil is very unpleasant and makes them want to get out of the way immediately. Processing basil into a good termite repellent is only enough to put basil on areas that you feel have the potential to be damaged by termites.

Pepper Powder

Pepper powder is often used as a food seasoning. However, it turns out that pepper powder is also one of the most effective tools for eradicating termites because termites don’t like it. Pepper powder is not liked by termites because of its strong smell.

How to use pepper powder to eradicate termites, among others, is to prepare peppercorns and wrap them in a cloth. Place the package in an area of ​​wood where you feel termites have been detected.


Hearing the word salt is not foreign to the ear. Salt is a mandatory ingredient used for cooking. Who would have thought that salt, which is very easy to find everywhere, would be an alternative to eradicate termites.

The natural way to get rid of termites using salt is to mix warm water and salt in the same ratio. Termites hate salty things. Use a water syringe that has been mixed with the salt and then inject it at the termite entry point.

Termite Treatment Seminyak

These are some of the things that termites are afraid of that you need to know. You can use this thing that termites hate to kill rats independently. But if you don’t have enough time to get rid of termites, use the services of a professional pest control to shorten your time. Umas Pest Control as a Bali pest control service is ready to help you anytime in all areas of Jakarta, especially seminyak to deal with termite problems.

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