November 8, 2021

Termite Treatment Cost – Sorting out wooden furniture has many considerations, especially the matter of its service. Because, wood is a natural material that is easy to change. Starting from the problem of moldy, mossy, weathered, cracked, until eaten by termites.

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To avoid some of these cases, usually woodworkers will cover it with a special chemical composition.

However, the cases that often scare are termites. Because, it is very difficult to sterilize furniture that has been eaten by termites.

In fact, termites are not the only ones who like wood. There are several other wood-eating animals that can make furniture or equipment from wood that these animals can eat.

What do you think wood eating animals are?

1. Teter, a small insect with thin dimensions

The wood-eating animal that we will discuss is the tether or also known as the sawdust beetle. The reason is, these wood-eating animals can make wood into powder chips.This one animal is brown and has small and skinny dimensions. Body dimensions are only up to 7 millimeters. Although this teter is small, do not underestimate this one animal. Because even strong and hard wood can have holes and holes due to this one animal.

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2. A wood bee that likes to make holes in wood for its hive

Another wood-eating animal is the wood bee. Wood bees are large and have dark hair. These animals like to make holes in wood to make their nests. They want to lay their eggs in the wooden holes they have made. Generally, these wood-eating animals like the roof frame of the house. The characteristics of the roof of the house affected by this insect is the appearance of holes measuring 7 to 10 millimeters in the wood surface.

3. Wood boring beetle

The last wood-eating animal to be discussed is the wood borer. This beetle is called a drill because the muzzle of its mouth has a very strong force that is able to make holes in wood.The old beetle has a reddish-brown body and has dimensions of 2.5-5 millimeters. They want to keep the eggs in the holes that have been made.When the eggs are damaged, milky white larvae will appear. Larvae will live in wood for 6 months to a year. Then on a hot day, they would come out by punching holes in the wood.

Termite Treatment Cost

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Termite Treatment Cost

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