December 1, 2021

As termite treatment bali we want to inform about the fact of termite. The head of this animal is round and yellow and has pale yellow patterned antennae, labrum, and pronotum. Termites have a 15 segment antenna. Termite species also have sickle-shaped jaws and curved ends. Termites are a type of insect that live in colonies.

Who would have thought that this termite species had existed for 200 years. Termites are a type of insect that live in colonies. Who would have thought that this termite species had existed for 200 years. It could be that termites have been nesting in homes and communities.

Characteristics of termites that you must know

  1. The Queen Termite Lays Once Every 15 Seconds

Termite groups have levels: from queen & kings, soldiers, and workers. Well, the termite queen is the top class that incubates the eggs and multiply the termite colony. Termite queens can lay eggs once every 15 seconds and never finish as long as they live.

  1. Termites Can’t Sleep

Yes, that’s the reality. Termites do not have time to rest for life. Worker termites have an average life span of 2 years and work non-stop, or in other words, they can scrape wood in your home any time they want!

  1. The total body weight of termites exceeds the total body weight of humans on earth

Although termites have very small dimensions, in fact the total body weight of termites on this earth is far more than the total weight of the human body which reaches 7.5 billion.

  1. Termites Have Meaningful Components From an Environmental Ecology Point of View

Termites can destroy plant fibers, recycle dead and rotting plants into new soil. Insects that are often called parasites have a significant function in protecting the fertility of our forests. Behind the many threats that termites can pose, there is one positive fact that termites also have.

  1. Termites Love Dark Places

Termites are known that they do not like the sun and prefer black and damp places. Make sure your home has good lighting so that the population of dangerous animals, namely termites, does not dominate.

There is a lot of data that shows that termites have many detrimental effects on humans. Some of these data suggest that termites can disrupt building structures and cause serious losses because damaged building structures will cause our property to collapse over time. But do you understand that termites also have other detrimental effects not only disturbing building structures?

The Destruction Caused By Termites

  1. Termites Also Affect Electrical Installations and AC Installations

Termite destruction is not limited to wood. Termites also attack electrical and air conditioning installations. This is very risky because it not only causes financial losses and losses, it can also create a dangerous fire threat.

  1. Eating money

Almost everyone sets aside money to put and use as savings or emergency funds if needed in a sudden condition. Until now, there are still people who save everywhere. Termites really like damp and black places, your money will probably become “termite food” if it is not placed in the right place.

Termite treatment bali

Despite their small size, these termites live in colonies, thus allowing the formation of considerable destruction and loss. But it means that termites are not harmful to humans but are harmful to your property and also your finances. That’s why before it’s too late, we should avoid starting now. Based on our experience as a termite treatment bali, termite development is very fast, so sometimes it is quite difficult to deal with it quickly yourself.

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