December 1, 2021

Termite Specialist Bali – Termite colonies are estimated to have existed 150-160 million years later. The majority of termite fossils found are between 17 and 20 million years old. Termites are animals that are often considered annoying because they cause a lot of harm, especially in the property sector. Termites inhabit a lot of dark and damp places.

In reality, termites don’t have time to rest as long as their lives

  • Termites among workers have an average life span of 2 years and work non-stop.
  • Worker and soldier caste termites are blind and do not have perfect reproductive organs.
  • Although soldier and worker caste termites sometimes have sex (male and female), they are basically sterile.
  • However, their task is very crucial
  • They want to protect their nest and queen. In the majority, the destruction felt by property is the result of worker termites.
  • They will eat wood and paper to be used as a source of energy and raw material for nests for their colonies.
  • When you open a termite nest, you will see many small holes in the nest. In fact, it’s not just any hole, but many labyrinths that are connected to one another.
  • Termites use hormones, known as pheromones, to identify traces of their friends, search for their homes, and find food.
  • Termites have antennae, which are useful as detection equipment such as light and odor.

Termite nests are also built very majestically

  • Termites are very tough and clever architects.
  • They can build their nests up to 5 m high. Termites are insects that build houses using their own feces.
  • The greatness of termites is that they can work with their colonies to build large and sturdy houses.
  • Termites are a big enemy for the property world around the world.
  • The destruction caused by termites can be massive and extensive.
  • Termites are one of the animals that have special microbes in their bodies so they can consume wood.
  • Microbes of the Reticulitermes speratus species found in termite bodies not only have germs, but also single-celled organisms, namely archaea and protists.
  • The presence of termites in buildings is a consequence of the clearing of land which was originally their habitat for foraging, after which it was changed to residential buildings which resulted in the loss of food sources for termites

Termite Specialist Bali

Termite Specialist Bali

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