November 11, 2021

Termite Injection Services – We know that wood-eating insects are very annoying which only makes your property damaged due to insect attacks

Termites are also commonly called silent destroyer insects, this is not without reason because these termites gnaw and destroy furniture in your home such as cabinets, tables, chairs, books and almost all objects made of wood.

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Secretly these termites gnaw on the parts that are not visible to the naked eye because termites themselves are insects that do not like light and air termites prefer dark and humid places, so you do not know it with the naked eye and you will know it is there. termite attack in your home when a lot of the furniture in your home has been damaged and when you know you are too late to realize, basically termites are insects that never rest and sleep in other words termites work continuously throughout their lives.

That’s why termites can be called silent destroyers, because we don’t know and realize the damage.

Prevention From The Start

Therefore you have to prevent from the start building your property because the impact of the next 3 years is very important, especially if your property is built with 70% wood which is very vulnerable to being destroyed by termites.

We, pest control professionals, will provide some tips for those of you who want to treat your home/restaurant/office from termite attacks that can destroy your property and wooden furniture.

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Keeping wooden furniture or utensils from wood-eating animals, it’s good to do the following things:

To prevent attacks by wood-eating animals, the thing that must be considered is to avoid moist and wet wood conditions. Because wood-eating animals really like moist conditions on wood.

Put the insecticide into the holes that have been punched by wood-eating animals. Then close the gap so the animals don’t run away.

On wood animals such as teters, it is enough to simply apply a special insecticide such as the insecticide 100 EC on the wood surface. Then coat with a finishing coat at the end.

That’s some information about wood-eating animals. Hopefully the information above is useful and can prevent the wooden furniture and utensils in Mama’s house from being attacked by wood-eating animals, Mom.

Termite Injection Services

We Umas Pest Control is a termite control service that provides a guarantee for every termite treatment, we also provide free consultation and surveys for those of you who need termite control services.

Don’t let your property be destroyed by termites

Termite Injection Services

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