January 4, 2022

Before we inform about termite injection cost bali we want to inform you if termites are known as social insects with small dimensions up to longer, live in colonies and divide their main activities into special castes. Termites have wings attached to the chest with a similar texture and have bamboo wings that are simple in shape.

Not only having a caste in their colony, termites also have very different characteristics compared to other insects

  1. Cryptobiotics, the nature of termites that are not resistant to light
  2. Thropalaxis, the attitude of termites that take turns licking and changing food between people
  3. Cannibalism, the attitude of termites to eat other people who are sick or weak
  4. Neurophagy, the attitude of termites that eat the carcasses of other people

Termites have lived more than 30 million years ago, and in their lives they have recycled many pieces of dead wood into new young plants. Termites definitely have a big impact on the ecosystem. The moist soil near its mineral-rich nest is overgrown with greenery.

As part of the ecosystem, this plant is a place to live for other insects such as grasshoppers, caterpillars, or as a source of food for herbivorous mammals in the Indonesian rainforest, termites keep the soil wet and productive even in the dry season.

Queen of termites can make people recover from gout

Gout is a condition where there is an increase in the level of uric acid in the body. Uric acid itself is normal in the body, not only that uric acid is also obtained from the food that is eaten.

High uric acid content in the long term can cause several conditions such as joint infections, urinary tract infections, and gout can also affect heart health. Healing gout cannot be tried carelessly, yes, gout healing must go through a doctor’s check first.

Medically, the use of the termite queen to treat gout has not been tested. There is no convincing research on this yet. So it is not recommended to consume the queen of termites, because it can actually cause allergic conditions, or diarrhea. If indeed you have gout, then check yourself regularly with the doctor, so that the doctor can monitor the condition of your gout.

Termite Injection Cost Bali

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