November 23, 2021

As a Termite Injection Bali we recommend termite medication from bayer because well known and many variants. Bayer is a very popular brand for its pest control products. No wonder this manufacturer introduces various different variants to deal with termites.Its products can be used to overcome problems when preparing to build a house until when the building has been completed and occupied. That is, this brand has drugs for use in pre-construction to post-construction systems.

There are also liquid and powder forms. Some of the liquid products are named Schedule 1 liter, Cislin 25ec 1liter, and Premise 250ml. While the powder is Premise 70 WG.Liquid materials generally have a weakness when they are sent between islands. For the sake of understanding this, the powder type can be an excellent solution.The contents in these materials vary, you need to read the contents and instructions for use before buying it

Termite Injection Bali

Best 5 Chemical For Termite Injection Bali

1) Dust

Bayer’s popularity was followed by Dust which also has termite repellent products. True to its name, this product is a powder. The packaging is small, only 60 grams. So the cost is also cheap, at the base of 100 thousand rupiah per package.Dust termite medicine consists of 2 variants. There are those that can be applied to wood as well as soil (all types of termites). There are also those that can only be used on subterranean termites. Its application can be directly in powder form, some must be mixed with water first.The efficacy of this product has been tested and guaranteed. Moreover, there are those who claim the results can be seen in just 7 days if they want to eradicate up to the colony and queen.

2) Latrex

Latrex is one brand that is highly recommended if you are looking for liquid products at low prices. The reason is, the price of Latrex is still at the base of 50 thousand rupiah for 100 ml of net content. Not only the cost is cheap, this product is also multifunctional. Because it can be used on sawn wood and the foundation of a house that is being built.

3) Hogasan

The product that is quite recommended is Hogasan. Its form is indeed liquid but its consumption is very easy because it can be sprayed directly. Hogasan can not only be used for termites but also other pests. For example, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, insects, etc.This product is also convenient to use at home because it does not leave a pungent odor that can make humans feel insecure. Hogasan also leaves no residue and the results can last throughout the year.

4) Bantrex

If the problem of subterranean termites is a big problem in your home, then use Bantrek. The price of this product is very cheap and the consumption is decent by spraying and brushing. Before being applied, Bantrek needs to be mixed first with kerosene or water. The composition can be checked directly on the packaging.

Another most effective and safe alternative

So that the consumption of the most effective termite remedies above can be comfortable for the area, family, and users, you should call a termite extermination service.Because professionalism is needed in the action of this wood destroying pest. We as a termite injection bali have decades of experience in the field of termite and wood pest control

Termite Injection Bali

Umas pest control is a termite injection bali  that provides a guarantee for every termite treatment, we also provide free consultation and surveys for those of you who need termite exterminator services.Don’t let your property be destroyed by termites

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