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Terminate 100EC Is The Most Powerful Drug For Killing Termites

Terminate 100EC is a liquid termiticide with active ingredient Sipermetrin 100 gr / lt, which works in contact and stomach (the drug reacts directly to the target pest when sprayed). Terminate 100EC can control termites in soil and dry wood termites.

The advantages of Terminate 100EC from other anti termite drugs:

Does not cause soil toxicity in the long term (when spraying is done on the ground)
Environmentally friendly
Can be effectively used to kill other pests such as cockroaches, ants, worms, etc.

Instructions for Use Terminate 100EC:

Spray or evenly flush all sides of the foundation hole with Terminate 100EC solution with a dose of 10ml / 1 liter of water
Spray or water the excavated soil that will be used to fill the foundation hole until it is wet and level.
Before installing the floor, spray or spray the Terminate 100EC solution evenly.

We, Surabaya Termite Services, as pest controllers who have been dealing with pest problems for years, are here to provide solutions for those of you who are looking for pest control drugs. We make sure the drugs are 100% original and environmentally friendly, because we already have a business license and certificate from the health department. The medicines we sell have been implemented to solve pest problems in our clients for years.

What are termite pests?

What are termites? Termites are a type of insect that are easy to find. In our opinion, Termite Service Surabaya, termites are also often considered as pests that damage objects in the house which are usually made of wood, cloth, paper. Therefore termites are often disliked by some people.

Termite population

Did you know that termites really like dark and humid places but still have warm temperatures, so it’s no wonder that termites often live in wood or near the ground surface. Termites live in dark places because termites cannot stand light.

Termites Live in Groups

Just like bees, it turns out that the colonized termites have their respective positions in a group. In the socialization system, there are termite kings and queens who have the task of reproducing, or in other words, they are tasked with hatching other termite candidates. Termite leaders or kings and queens usually have a striking difference from the others, namely a larger body size. The termite leader will always be protected and respected by the termite group. Apart from kings and queens, there are termite groups that are also divided into other parts, namely groups of soldiers and groups of workers.

The warrior termite group is certainly smaller than its leader. The uniqueness of this group of soldier termites is that they have a pincer or a sting on the head which is used as a weapon to defend themselves and fight dangerous enemies. The worker group is characterized by a smaller body size and white color. This group of worker termites is the largest of all. They will be tasked with finding food and forming nests in wood or soil.

Types of Termite Pests

Worker Termites

The first role is the worker termites, with the largest number in the colony. Their job is to find and store food, care for broodstock and larvae, build & repair nests. Termites from this caste can damage wooden buildings because they have the ability to digest cellulose in wood, where the digestive products will be regurgitated and offered as food for the mother, soldiers and larvae. The most destructive type of termite is the Formosan termite because it has very large colonies.

Soldier Termites

Another role is to become a Soldier Termite who is in charge of guarding the nest and the whole colony. The warrior caste specializes in anatomy and behavior to counter the attacks of their main enemy, the ants. This type of termite has large jaws so they are unable to feed on their own. They rely on worker termites to provide them with vomited food. Soldier and worker termites both have no eyes and usually live a maximum of two years.

Reproductive Termites

These termites are the future kings and queens of the new colony. In order to become alates, termite nymphs must undergo incomplete metamorphosis. Their current body shape is still slender and only they have wings in the termite kingdom. These wings are needed to move around to build a new colony, two pairs of wings of the same size will emerge from their backs.

These reproductive termites are often referred to as alates and appear before rain. Reproductive termites have eyes that are not owned by worker or soldier termites. Their beautiful body shape for termites (slender and winged) will not last long. Their wings are very fragile, and will fall off as soon as they have found a place to build a new colony. If elected as queen, the female alates body will no longer be lean and will be obese, because her goal of life until death is to lay eggs for the colony.

The Damage Caused By Termite Pests?

Termite Service Surabaya has handled thousands of cases of termites in the Surabaya area, most of the major pests often inhabit these places, 5 places of damage caused by termite pests:

Porous Wood

Almost every house in Indonesia has a wooden element in its building structure. This is certainly a threat that is very close to our lives and we must prepare anticipatory steps. That’s why we need to understand how to get rid of termites so that the effects are not too severe. Wood that is porous eaten by termites will certainly become brittle and it is possible to make houses collapse in the future, what else is the foundation of a house that is attacked, it will be difficult to anticipate the impact.

Knock down the ceiling ceiling

The ceiling is also one part of the house that mostly uses wood elements. When termites gnaw on the ceiling, you can certainly see the marks, which are quite clear. Even thin ceilings can be eaten by termites and leave a bare ceiling space unprotected. In fact, it is also very possible that the bones of your home ceiling have been eaten by termites.

Damaging important documents

As mentioned earlier, paper objects in your home can also be victims of termite malignancies. They really like things that contain strong wood elements such as books and other documents. Moreover, books and various documents are usually stored in a humid place and not exposed to sunlight. Of course it is a favorite place for termite troops. After they are present at your place of books and documents, they will not stop until everything is gone.

Eating Banknotes

Indonesia is a paradise for termite troops. This news should make us more vigilant in protecting our homes from termite attacks. Unmitigated, the threat of danger can also attack our valuable assets such as money. The reason is that money is made of paper and if you keep a pile of money in a damp place at home, termites can kill it at any time.

Causes an electrical short circuit

The most dangerous impact of a termite attack is when an army of these destructive insects eats away at the area around the electricity in the house. It is very possible that the cables and other electrical devices have been eaten by termites. The danger is not only that it can short out the electricity in the house, but it may also cause a fire. Very scary, right?

But if you don’t have much time, or the termites have developed faster and more in your environment, we can help you for a total and comprehensive treatment!

Termite Service Surabaya has the right solution to overcome this termite pest by providing free education and we will even provide a survey to your home or company for free too!

Termite Service Surabaya provides a special method with environmentally friendly materials and the termite control process is carried out by a certified team, Contact Us:

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