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Termites are a type of insect that lives in colonies. Who would have thought that termite species had existed for 200 years. Termites are a type of insect that lives in colonies. Who would have thought that termite species had existed for 200 years. The head of this animal is round and yellow and has pale yellow antennae, labrum, and pronotum. Guess who is don’t know about Bali? Bali have many beautiful places. One of area which we know if beautiful is Jimbaran. Jimbaran have a lot of famous place such as Blahbatuh, Folks and Pool Garden, Pomegranate Café, The Sayan House, Pod Chocolate Factory, Air Terjun Tegenungan, Green Village Bali, Bambu Indah Bali, Jalan Campuhan, Seniman Coffee Studio Believe it or not, unfortunately Jimbaran still have a chance if termites can live at there.

We as a Termite Control In Ubud based on our knowledge want to inform you the very high adaptability of termites causes their distribution in the world to be very wide. The population of this termite species is scattered everywhere in both tropical and subtropical climates. Seeing the wide spread of termite populations, it turns out that termites can also cause financial losses in large numbers. Each year, termites cause property damage that costs hundreds or even billions. This is why we as Termite Control In Ubud want to inform you if awareness about termite control is so important. Some of that information explains that termites can damage building structures and cause fatal losses because damaged building structures will cause our property to collapse over time. But did you know that termites also have other detrimental effects besides damaging building structures?

Here we as a Termite Control In Ubud want to explain you some of damage from termites except can destroy building structure:

  1. Termites Also Attack Electrical Installations and AC Installations

The damage caused by termites is not limited to wood. Termites also attack electrical and air conditioning installations. It is very dangerous because in addition to causing financial damage and losses, it can also pose a dangerous fire threat.

  1. Termites destroy money

Almost of people sets aside money to be saved and used as savings or emergency funds if needed in a sudden situation. Until now, there are still people who save money everywhere. Termites really like damp and dark places, chances are your money will be a “termite food” if not put in the right place.

From our experience as Termite Control In Ubud foods that are favorite for termites consumption are materials made of wood and paper. Despite their small size, these termites live in colonies, making it possible to cause considerable damage and loss. So you have to be careful if a lot of furniture or items around us are made of wood and paper. Most likely it will be a termite food. Don’t worry, there are tips you can do to minimize the population from termites.

These simple ways can be done independently and are very easy:

  1. Environmental Sanitation

Eliminate opportunities that can lead to termites, such as damp wood areas. Remove old wood that is not used, which is a food and place that is very popular with termites.

  1. Using Betel Lime Water

Another environmentally friendly liquid that is effective against termites is whiting water. Betel lime is believed to have a heat effect so that it is feared by termite swarms. According to research, termites do not like whiting because it contains compounds that are hot and deadly. The method of application is quite easy, namely pour water whiting on the place where termite swarms gather. Let the liquid wet them, the effect will reduce the growth and presence of the colony.

  1. Using Rice Washing Water

One of the easiest steps to get rid of termites is to use rice washing water. Apart from being environmentally friendly, this liquid also has good enough benefits to get rid of termites. It’s easy, just pour the washing rice water  in a place where termites feel that a lot of growing in the area.

  1. Don’t plant plants that are popular with termites

Avoid planting plants that are favored by termites, such as palm trees. Don’t grow plants that are infested with termites, for example, palm trees.

Based on our experience as a Termite Control In Ubud, termite growth is very fast, so sometimes it is quite difficult to treat it quickly on your own. Umas pest control is here to make it easier for you to handle it further and thoroughly. Umas Pest Control as a Termite Control In Ubud has a special method which is very unique and our original version. Termites in your home, office, hotel, villa, not only easy for us to stop but also we can prevent their reappearance. 1-5 year warranty and regular monitoring is one of our ways to ensure termites are handled properly by us. You want your property to be eaten by termites? Prevent start from now, before it’s too late and lose a lot of things.


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