April 20, 2022

Termite Control In Bali – Rachel Vennya, an artist who recently had an accident, her favorite clothes were eaten by termites, making it unfit for use. Rachel Vennya was shocked when she found that her son’s branded clothes were damaged by termites. In a number of videos she has uploaded, the mother of two shows piles of new clothes belonging to her first child, Xabiru, in a closet full of termites.

While recording, Rachel’s voice was heard quite sad seeing Xabiru’s never worn clothes were completely ruined. Rachel wrote in a video uploaded to her Instagram Story on Thursday, July 15, 2021.

She also showed Dior brand suits, ranging from jackets, pants, to hats with labels still hanging. “The others have not been formed until I don’t know what brand,” he wrote. Worse yet, there are some clothes that are no longer in shape. This became a valuable lesson for Rachel. “Really, don’t expect good things, guys, if you lose, it’s really annoying hahahaha

This incident made Rachel very sad. The things he bought from his sweat just broke down without having been worn. However, Rachel learned to be sincere and accept everything gracefully. “I was so bad mood that I couldn’t smile at all, but then I was being taught how to be sincere, maybe it wasn’t my luck, guys.

Not wanting to be sad for a long time, Rachel focused forward while calming herself down. “Let’s work again, we’ll prove it with termites. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

Various photos of branded clothes that were damaged by termites were re-uploaded by Rachel Vennya on her Instagram feed. Netizens are sad to see the condition of branded clothes that are damaged by termites. Think rich people’s homes are always safe from termites and the like, so it sucks to see it.

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