January 8, 2022

Termite control for wood bali – Many out there think termite repellent services are very expensive. It turns out that it is not what we think, it all depends on the conditions in the field and how to handle it, every pest control / termite company has different handling methods and costs.

To compile a cost estimate, a pest control company usually has to conduct a survey first to check for termite attacks. Surveys and consultations are free of charge, free of charge we also provide consulting services to every customer who wants to ask about termites, how to handle it, or how to prevent it.

Especially for pre-construction termites, the estimated cost is easier to calculate based on house plans. For the Bali area, we offer services of IDR 35,000 per square meter. Other regions may have different price ranges. The price includes chemical and warranty monitoring every year for the duration of the contract.

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Termite Control For Wood Bali

We umas pest control is a termite control service that provides a guarantee for every termite treatment, we also provide free consultation and surveys for those of you who need termite exterminator services. Don’t let your property be destroyed by termites

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