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A villa is a type of house that was originally an upscale ancient Roman country house. The idea and function of the villa has developed rapidly. In modern language, “villa” can refer to various types and sizes of dwellings, from urban to rural.

Name of villas in Indonesia

One of them is Villa Kota Bunga Puncak which is located at the top of Bogor, Villa Lembang which is located in Lembang Bandung, Villa Bali which is very famous throughout the world which is a major tourist destination as a resting place.

Villa occupants

Because the price is relatively expensive, usually only well-established businessmen and executives buy the villa for family recreation with their siblings and many are used as second homes when they want to take a break from the hustle and bustle. There are also many villas for rent for those who want to rest but don’t have private villas. Villas that are in great demand are those that have a security system with guarding gates or a cluster system so that the privacy and security of the villa owner is guaranteed and can enjoy the view and the cool air comfortably

Termite Dangers For Villa

What are termites? Termites are a type of insect that are easy to find. In our opinion as a termite control for Villa in Bali, termites are also often seen as pests that destroy objects in the house which are usually made of wood, cloth, paper. Therefore termites are often disliked by some people.

What damage have termites caused to the villa?

We as a termite control for Villa in Bali already handled thousands of termite cases in the Bali area, most of the termite pests often inhabit these places, 5 places of damage caused by termites to the villa:

Knock Down The Ceiling

The ceiling is also a part of the villa that mostly uses wood elements. When termites gnaw on the ceiling, you can certainly see the marks, which are quite clear. Even thin ceilings can be eaten by termites and leave a bare ceiling space unprotected. In fact, it is also very possible that the bones of your home ceiling have been eaten by termites.

Damaging Valuables Made Of Paper

As mentioned earlier, paper objects in your Villa can also become victims of termite malignancies. They really like things that contain strong wood elements such as books and other documents. Moreover, books and various documents are usually stored in a humid place and not exposed to sunlight. Of course it is a favorite place for termite troops. After they are present at your place of books and documents, they will not stop until everything is gone.

Making Porous Wood

Almost every villa in Bali has a wooden element in the structure of the building. This is certainly a threat that is very close to our lives and we must prepare anticipatory steps. That’s why we need to understand how to get rid of termites so that the effects are not too severe. Wood that is porous eaten by termites is certainly brittle and it is possible to make the Villa collapse in the future, what else will the foundations of the Villa attacked be difficult to anticipate the impact.

Eating Banknotes

Indonesia is a paradise for termite troops. This news should make us more vigilant in protecting our homes from termite attacks. Unmitigated, the threat of danger can also attack our valuable assets such as money. The reason is that money is made of paper and if you keep a pile of money in a damp place at home, termites can kill it at any time.

Causes Electric Short Circuit In The Villa

The most dangerous impact of a termite attack is when an army of these destructive insects eats away at the area around the electricity in the house. It is very possible that the cables and other electrical devices have been eaten by termites. The danger is not only that it can short out the electricity in the house, but it may also cause a fire. Very scary, right?

Easy and cheap way to get rid of termites

We are Umas Pest Control, we have handled the problem of termite pests for 10 years and we are professionals in the field of termite control. We as a termite control for Villa in Bali provides free education and we will even provide a survey to the villa or to your company for free. We as termite control for Villa in Bali also provides a special method with environmentally friendly materials and the control process is carried out by a certified and professional team,

How about the price, etc?

We will answer all questions from you, immediately contact the number below and our customer service will serve and answer all your questions.

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