November 18, 2021

As a termite control bali, we recommend you if better sorting out wooden furniture. Seeing wood is a natural material that quite often experiences problems such as moldy, mossy, weathered, cracked, and eaten by termites. One thing that scares me the most are termites. Because termites are believed to be able to eat away at wood and damage building structures. But did you know that not only termites can potentially eat wood? What kind of animals have the potential to eat wood?

Termite Control Bali

Types of Wood-eating Insects

  1. Teter

This small, thin-dimensional insect is a wood-eating animal that provides output in the form of wood chips. Teters are also often referred to as sawdust beetles. This one animal is brown in color and has small and thin dimensions. Body dimensions are only up to 7 millimeters. Although the shape of this teter is small, don’t underestimate this one animal. It is undeniable that even strong and hard wood can be perforated because of this one animal.

     2. Wood Bee

Wood bees are insects with large dimensions and have dark hair. This animal really likes to make holes in wood with the aim of making a nest. Wood bees have a habit of laying their eggs in the wood hole area. Wood bees in general also like the framework of the roof of the house. The characteristic of the roof of the house being gnawed by wood bees is that there are holes measuring 7 to 10 millimeters in the wood surface

  1. Wood Boring Beetle

The last wood-eating animal to be discussed is the wood-boring beetle. This beetle is said to be a wood drill because the shape of the mouth of this animal has a very sturdy shape and can make holes in wood. This animal has a reddish-brown body shape, and has dimensions of 2.5-5 millimeters. These animals have a habit of hollowing out wood and laying their eggs when breeding in wood for 6 months to a year.

Solution for get rids of Wood Pest ?

Termites are one of the pests that can have a financial impact on you because they viciously damage the structure of buildings made of wood or others intensely. So it needs to be handled early so as not to cause losses that have a big impact on you. Not only the structure of your building, but your furniture made of wood can be an easy target for termites. Not only termites as described above, 3 other insects can also potentially damage your wood assets.

We guarantee best service as a termite control bali and ready to help you for solutions to get rids of termite and or other pests that have the potential to damage wood. We also already have 10 years of experience in the field of termite control with reliable technicians in their fields. Don’t worry about prices, we have a survey team to discuss prices and your pest problems. All can be discussed together according to mutual agreement. What are you waiting for, don’t let termites cause harm to you, contact us immediately.

Termite Control Bali




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