16 Mar

Supremo 480SL herbicides to control weeds bAlternanthera Sesilis, Commelina spp, Cleome asvera and as Echinochloa colonum and Axonopus compressus in land Rubber, Palm Oil (TBM), Kako, Tea, Coffee (TBM) no tillage and crop-free land. Supremo 480SL is a systemic herbicide fullkilled grown broadleaf weeds and narrow-leaved weeds.

Advantages :

  • Systemic nature so that all parts of the weeds can be controlled (killed to the root).
  • For weeding would not poison part of the staple crop for NOT ABOUT weeded part of the plant, because glyphosate will BOUND by soil particles and become OFF.
  • Can not be absorbed through the roots, so that it can be used in order TOT.

Getting the Best Results for Spraying

  • Spraying done when weeds are actively growing.
  • Water used does not contain particles of soil (dip hands into the water, if the hand is still visible, the water can still be used).
  • Use the recommended dose.
  • Do evenly spraying, when it is sunny and no rain within 8 hours.
  • Can be mixed with other herbicides such as: TRENDY, abolition and triesters.
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