September 18, 2017

Whether you use a storage unit facility or own your own storage container, they are a great way to keep your possessions in a safe place without taking up all your basement or garage space. A locked container protects your valuables from theft and weather but is there anything in place to protect them from rodents and insects?

Firstly, it is incredibly difficult to seal up a house, garage, or even shed tightly to keep mice from entering. So, if mice can get in, why wouldn’t they want to? Mice prefer to live in dark areas undisturbed. In all season, mice determined to seek safe shelter, can you think of a better place than a 25 – 500 square foot container, filled with items to use as nesting materials, possibly temperature controlled, safe from predators, and  free from human meddling aside from the occasional quick visit to check on your things. It doesn’t take long for mice to populate either. in fact, a common female mouse can give birth to up to a dozen babies every three weeks. Yikes! Moreover, we haven’t even mentioned roaches!

My point here is to consider pest control when using storage units for personal items or operate a storage unit facility where you are selling safe and damage free storage to your customers. The truth is, these pests don’t just make you cringe, but they damage property and can introduce health issues through feces and discharge. If your going to invest in storing your valuables in a storage unit,  be sure to account for damage by professional pest control.

UMAS PEST CONTROL BALI really care about the smoothness of business and cost effectiveness, therefore UMAS has a special handling program to make your storage free of pests.

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