16 Mar
  • The active ingredient Stealth 240 SC: Klorfenapir 240 g / l
  • Registration Number of Stealth 240 SC: RI.04110120072967
  • The net weight of Stealth 240 SC : 100 ml

Stealth 240 SC is a wood preservative contact and stomach poison shaped white suspension concentrates to control subterranean termites (Captotermes curvignathus) in lumber and building land.

Stealth 240 SC formulated in the form of suspension concentrate containing 240 g / l chlorfenapyr belong to the group of anti-termite non repellent that has no odor and no heat in the skin, because of the way it works does not kill directly termites were exposed to the mixture but poison in sequence, so that the number of dead termites will be more.

The advantage of using Stealth 240 SC:

  1. SC formulation is more stable, the most persistent in the soil and environment friendly.
  2. The dose is very low at 2 ml / L of water or a ratio of 1: 500 so that cost-effective work
  3. Characteristically non-repellent and worked in the relay by spreading on the other colony members.
  4. Have a high Koc value (12,000 ml / g) so that the holding capacity of soil organic strong enough
  5. The group of non-repellent which has a low solubility in water (0.14 mg / L) that is not easily leached rain, dust and water eroded absorbed by plant roots.

Instructions for Use Stealth 240 SC:

  1. For sawn timber with subterranean termites target concentration of 2.5 ml / liter of water, how the application process vacuum press retention of 1.23 kg / square meter.
  2. For building land with subterranean termites target 2 ml / liter of water, soil treatment means application with the foundation of the building in accordance with the technical provisions for buildings.
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