Spray Termites Ubud
14 Jun

Spray Termites Ubud – Wood is one part of the complementary material of a dwelling. The existence of this wood can make the dwelling more elegant and natural.

However, wooden furniture can be a breeding ground for termite colonies.

Termites are one of the fastest wood-eating insects. These termites will establish a colony and ensure the queen termite can reproduce well. This termite queen will lay eggs about 30 thousand eggs every day. So that the breeding of these termites will be very fast.

To avoid attacks from termites other than using termite services, it’s a good idea to know the cause of the presence of termites. Let’s see what are the causes of the presence of termites in the house

The best way to anticipate termites nesting in your home

1. There is a cavity / hole in the house

As we know that termites are insects that have small bodies. Termites can destroy our valuable assets very quickly. With its very small posture, this makes it easy for termites to live in cracks in walls, furniture, plumbing and even house foundations.

It’s good if the house has a cavity / hole to be repaired immediately before termites live and destroy our assets.

2. Furniture with poor quality wood

Having wooden furniture does make the house more elegant and attractive. But who would have thought if not all wooden furniture has good quality.

This is what can cause the presence of termites in the house. Having wood elements in the house will be a threat to us because termites will destroy quickly.

Make sure if you choose furniture with good wood materials such as teak, meranti wood, ironwood.

3. Loose soil and fertile conditions

Where do termites actually come from? it turns out that the condition of loose and fertile soil is very favored by termites. They will gather there a lot. To prevent this, it is important to do insulation between the house and the yard. However, if termites have already entered the house, you can use termite repellent services on a regular basis.

Spray Termites Ubud

So that our homes are always protected from termites, of course we need reliable and professional handling. With Umas Pest Control as an anti-termite service that has been proven reliable in the field of pest management. Certified and guaranteed for 3 years, pest control umas is the right choice for you.

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