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22 Jun

3 Types of Termites Usually We Meet

Spray termites south kuta – The presence of termites at the beginning is difficult for us to detect at first by the eye directly, this is because the termites begin to act through the basement like the sudden appearance of a hole in the attic of our house. Usually we start to realize when there is damage to the wood that we can see directly. Generally, termites perform their actions in large numbers. This group of termites is commonly known as a termite colony.

If you find any damage to objects made of wood in your home, it could be that where you live now has the ideal humidity and temperature. Thus making termites survive comfortably.

3 Types of termites you need to know

1. Damp wood termites

You may rarely find this type of termite at home, because this type of termite also rarely enters buildings. But if you’ve ever seen a pile of termites eating dead or rotting logs, then you’re looking at moist wood termites.

2. Dry wood termites

Have you ever found that the furniture in your home is porous? if yes then it is the work of these dry wood termites. In addition, this collection of termites can also attack wooden houses. This of course will be annoying because our things become damaged.

3. Subterranean termites

The rest of the wood eaten by these termites will leave a trail shaped like a beehive. In addition, the marks on the wood also contain dirt from the termites.

Spray Termites South Kuta

The thing that needs to be considered is the development of termites very quickly, so it needs immediate treatment so that termites do not breed more and more. If you have trouble dealing with termites, Umas Pest Control can help you deal with your termite problem. We have more than 10 years of experience in handling termites. Not only experience, but permits and guarantees are included when using the termite control services from Umas Pest Control. Protect your home immediately from termites, don’t wait to regret later.

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