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26 Jul

Spray Termites Gianyar – Termites are one of the insects whose presence is very disturbing if they are in our building area. This is because termites can damage various objects such as furniture, especially those made of wood. Usually termites breed with their colonies on cabinets, ceilings or various furniture. The presence of termites will only be realized if there is damage due to the object being eaten by termites. To eradicate termites in the house is not easy, because it is not visible from the outside plus its development is very fast. Contact Gianyar Termite Eradication and surrounding areas 081-138-204-195

How to Detect Termites on Walls

Although termites are generally found on wood-based objects, it is not uncommon for termites to attack walls. The cemented walls also do not rule out being attacked by termites.

It is necessary to detect the presence of termites first before handling them, there are several ways that can be done at the beginning:

  1. Find Termite Traces

    There are several traces that indicate the presence of termites such as piles of wood chips, mounds of dirt, hollow walls. After finding the trail, follow the path to find out which part of the wall has been attacked.

  2. Tap Wall

    Although the wall from the outside looks undamaged, it could be that the inside has been infested by a termite colony. When termite colonies build their nests in buildings, especially on walls, it will cause erosion. If the sound after tapping the tempok feels empty it means the inside has been eaten by termites.

  3. Sticking your ear to the wall

    When carrying out their activities, the termite colony will make a noisy but not too loud sound. By trying to put your ear to the wall you can detect the presence of termites in it if there are insect noises.

How to get rid of termites on walls

Natural materials can be an option to be used to prevent the arrival of termites. Some natural ingredients that can be used are:

  • Saline solution
  • Soap water
  • Oil
  • Camphor, etc

These natural ingredients can be sprayed on the area attacked by termites.

Professional Spray Termite in Gianyar

If you have tried various natural methods but the termites are still not gone, it is better to use the services of a professional termite exterminator. Umas Pest Control has been established for more than 10 years and has various official licenses in pest control. We can help you to eradicate termite colonies in your environment.


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