Spray termites berawa
17 Jun

Spray termites berawa – Termites, almost everyone knows that termites generally like wood and damage buildings. But have you ever thought that termites can also bite humans? In the following, we will discuss as a termite extermination service some of the information that has been summarized regarding this fact.

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Facts Termites Can Bite Humans

According to some sources termites can bite humans, but not all types of termites can bite humans. Termite colonies that can bite humans are soldier termites. Soldier termites are said to have abilities such as strong bites and small jaws. That’s what was informed that termite bites do not leave a mark.

It turns out that termites can not only damage your assets but can also bite your skin. It looks like it doesn’t really have any impact on the skin, but the possibility of irritation could happen. In addition, soldier termites do not leave marks when they bite, which makes it difficult to detect indications of termite presence.

Spray Termites Berawa

In addition to the negative impact that termites can cause, the fact that termites breed very quickly is also a negative thing that needs to be anticipated immediately. When handling independently becomes difficult, another best solution is to use the services of a professional.

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