January 21, 2022

Spray termite wood denpasar – termites have a morphology similar to ants. Based on evolutionary relationships (phylogeny), there is no bond between termites and ants. A closer bond is formed between termites and cockroaches.

Morphologically, termites and cockroaches have the same wing length and the head, chest, and abdomen are connected, in contrast to ants who are separated by a slender waist.

Termites consist of 7 families, namely


The Termitidae family is divided into several sub families, namely Apicotermitinae, Termitinae, Macrotermitinae, and Nasutitermitinae.

– Subterranean termites
– Wet wood termites
– Dry wood termites

Family Termitidae is the largest family of the order Isoptera and includes 3 quarters of known species, which are highly developed termites.

Termitidae family termites are grouped into large termites, while the other 6 families are grouped into low-level termites. Some of the characteristics of termites are:

– exchanging food ingredients through the mouth and anus
– stay away from light, except in the swarming phase
– eats others who are weak or sick
– forms of termites that differ morphologically and in use between the worker, soldier, and reproductive castes.

The behavior of termites eats the carcasses of other dead termites. Termites need a very special living area to survive. They always need moist soil or moist areas for their life. The water content is very critical so that termites can live normally. Not only moths, other castes in termites have very soft bodies so quickly run out of water when they are in dry air. Therefore, termites make their nests by forming very complicated passages

Spray Termite Wood Denpasar

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