January 5, 2022

Spray termite wood bali – Termites are known as insects that weaken the properties of their special houses made of wood. Moreover, some severe damage to rooms made of wood often occur in homes that are inhabited by termite colonies.

It could be that many of you were irritated by the actions of these insects. Moreover, the land that he often brings to make a nest will definitely make your house look scattered.

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How termites digest wood

Termites are a type of decomposer insect, especially wood decomposers. Termites use enzymes in their mouths to make wood softer and easier to digest. After that, the wood that has passed through the digestion of termites will be excreted in the form of feces.

Termites will build their nest mounds using manure with a combination of soil, mud and wood pulp. Some of the mounds that can be found let alone reach 9.14 m high. While other parts that are much larger may be hidden under the ground and covered.

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What Happens When Termites Are Eaten By Humans?

We control your worries. In general, all food ingredients that enter through the mouth will be digested by the digestive system. And for food ingredients that are hard or difficult to digest can be excreted through feces and may be intact. For that you don’t need to be afraid of this situation.

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Spray Termite Wood Bali

Because termites are only animals that are dangerous for homes or furniture made of wood. Umas Pest Control are a termite control service that provides a guarantee for each termite treatment, we also provide free consultations and surveys for those of you who need termite control services.

Don’t let your property disappear because of termites!

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