spray termite seminyak
30 Jun

Spray Termite  Seminyak – Teak wood is a wood that is quite popular in the world. This wood commodity is often admired for its hard strength, beautiful color and good texture. Teak wood is generally large and strong, besides that it has good wood density and toughness so that teak trees can grow for more than 80 years.

Why is Teak Wood Termite Resistant?

Teak wood is a type of wood that has natural resistance level 1, although it gets a good level of resistance, there are several factors that affect whether teak is strong or not resistant to subterranean termites. Some of the things that affect this are how the method of treating the tree is, how large the number of colonies and termite populations are, and the location factor where teak grows. Location factors will affect the relative amount of teak wood on the inside and outside.

The age of a teak wood also affects the reduction of wood weight, the dimensions of the cells in the wood will increase in number according to the age of the tree to a certain age. However, the increasing age of teak wood did not significantly affect the mortality of subterranean termites. Teak wood has an extractive substance called tectoquinone, this substance makes teak wood resistant to termites.

The Benefits of Tectoquinone in Teak Wood

The tectoquinone substance arises from the photosynthesis of teak wood. When teak is photosynthesized, carbohydrates are transported through cells and then assembled with other compounds. This substance is transported to the innermost part of the teak wood, causing the density of the inner trunk to be greater than that of the outer trunk. Extractive substances are found on the inside of teak wood, this substance makes the wood feel heavier when compared to the outside of the wood with the same moisture content. Having an extractive substance makes wood a catalyst.

Spray Termite Seminyak

The color that is often different in teak is also because it is influenced by this extractive substance. In addition, this substance also helps to make teak wood strong so that it is widely used as household furniture.

Although finished teak wood has good strength when used for various household items, teak wood has a fairly high price compared to other woods. With a fairly high value, of course, furniture made of teak wood must be treated. Although teak has a level 1 resistance, it is also necessary to prevent attacks from termite colonies.

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