November 20, 2021

In today’s modern era, many buildings have steel structures and ceiling frames made of aluminum and PVC, but don’t assume that termites can’t attack your property. Termites are very dangerous because they can eat wood and attack from the ground. As an experienced service in the field of spray termite bali , it is not wood that attracts termites, but solulosic. Solulosa is an organic substance that is a source of food for termites. Solulosa is a component contained in the cells of wood or trees. In today’s modern era, many buildings no longer use wood or trees, but in buildings there are still many objects made of wood or trees.

Spray Termite Bali

Why Spray Termites Bali Important?

  1. Furniture made of wood

Buildings are not sought after by termites, but kitchen sets and other furniture are damaged by termites, causing material losses and having to make or buy furniture again. If you don’t store valuable paper and documents in it, it will also be damaged.

2. Paper

Books, and many valuable documents are made of paper. Can you imagine if paper, and valuable documents are damaged due to termites, how many losses come to us.

  3. Cardboard

to make it easier to store and pack goods, many people use cardboard from cardboard to pack and store goods to make it more neat and practical. Cardboard also contains solulosic which has the potential to be eaten by termites, most people if they have packed goods with cardboard and have been stored in a warehouse, they will rarely be checked or monitored, there will often be damage caused by termites.

Causes of Termite Invading Property

-The presence of materials or objects containing solulosic either on the floor surface or under the floor surface

– Humidity in a room is very supportive of termites

-Termite control has not been carried out

Termite Problem Solution

We as a service for spray termite bali guarantee every termite treatment, we also provide free consultations and surveys for those of you who need termite extermination services. Termite control treatment is very good to do before building a building to anticipate losses caused by subterranean termites or wood termites. Regarding subterranean termites, a good termite control solution is to carry out treatment that refers to SNI 2405/2015. Don’t let your property be destroyed by termites.

Spray Termite Bali



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