Spray rat bali
11 Dec

According to us as spray rat bali in a narrow sense related to rats is where rats damage objects made of wood, plastic, paper and rats can also carry quite dangerous diseases. Of course this will be very detrimental in terms of economy and health, because we often find rats in various places and almost where there is a human population there are also rats.

What if mice damage objects around your home or company environment such as cabinets, doors, paper, kitchen utensils, electrical cables, telephone cables etc. disease caused by mice. Of course this does not want to happen to you

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Type Of Rats

Many of us only know that there is only one type of rat, even though there is not only one type of rat, there are several types of rats that exist in our environment such as sewer rats, roof rats and house rats.

  1. Sewer rat

by the name alone, we already know that sewer rats are rats whose habitat is in sewers / sewers. Sewer culverts, Sewer rats are often found in traditional market sewers and densely populated settlements because these rats like meat and dairy foods. The sewer rat has a very large size compared to the roof rat and house rat, the sewer rat has a tail that is shorter than the length of the head and body, paler in color, small ears, blunt nose and body hair that falls out.

2. Roof Rat
why is it called a roof rat because its habitat is indeed on the roofs of houses such as above the ceilings of houses or offices. This type of rat likes foods such as cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables. Roof rats have a slender body size, thin and large ears, a sharp nose and a tail longer than the head and body.

3. House Mouse

This rat is often found in homes and is therefore often referred to as a house rat, this rat is agile and can climb. House mice like foods such as cereals, grains, flour and wheat-based foods. These rats tend to look for food in the same place, house rats have a body size of about 3-10 cm smaller when compared to sewer and roof rats, have tails that are longer than their bodies, are gray or light brown in color and are lighter in color. in the stomach.

Most people say that rats and shrews are both rats, but the truth is that rats and shrews are different animals even though they are almost the same. Rats are rodents that are parasitic in human life, rats are not only disturbing household comfort but also disturbing in terms of health, agriculture and animal husbandry.

While the shrew is not a rodent, the shrew is an animal that is active at night, the shrew has glands that have a very strong smell so that predators such as snakes and birds are reluctant to approach. The habitat of shrews is in natural forests, shrubs, grasslands and plantations.

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Characteristics of Shrews

  • Rats have round and blunt heads, while shrews have long and pointed heads
  • Rat ears are bigger while shrews are small
  • Rats have big eyes while shrews have small eyes
  • Rats have a fat body while shrews are slimmer
  • The tail of the rat is longer and bald, while the tail of the shrew is short and hairy
  • Rats are generally herbivores while shrews are carnivores
  • When threatened, rats don’t smell, while shrews can smell
  • Rats usually crawl from top to bottom while shrews just run around the corner of the wall

Spray Rat Bali

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Spray rat bali

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