November 25, 2021

Bed bugs or also known as tumila are parasitic insects from the Cimicidae family. As a spray bed bugs bali we think bedbugs are known as a species that drinks the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. Bed bugs happily live in human homes, especially in Beds. Bed bugs usually live and lay eggs in the folds of beds or pillows and other hidden places.

Spray Bed Bugs Bali

Characteristics Of The Mattress You Need Spray Bed Bugs Bali

1) Check the skin on your body for any bites

Bed bugs are very active at night and you can wake up because of the itching from their bites on the skin. Bed bugs can bite anywhere on the body, but the most common areas are the neck, face, arms and hands. Bed bugs often bite the feet first, either on the soles or the tops of the feet. These insects also bite areas in skin folds, for example near the groin or armpits. Look for some of the following characteristics in the itchy skin zone

2) A red dot with a dark red pattern in the middle

Bed bugs can leave a red spot in the middle with a dark red color. You need to be careful and alert when you find this sign because it could be a sign that your mattress needs to be sprayed

3) Itchy feeling

Feeling itchy while sleeping. Be careful this is one sign that bed bugs are nesting in your place. The thing you need to do is to clean your mattress immediately, but if you still feel itchy, of course bed bugs have lodged in your mattress.

4) Bites or bumps arranged in rough lines or clusters

One of the characteristics of your mattress that needs to be sprayed is the presence of bites or bumps arranged in rough lines or clusters. If you see a feature like this, it’s a good idea to immediately treat your mattress so that there are not many bed bugs nesting in your place.

5) Blisters or itching at the bite position

Not only itchy bed bugs can also make your skin blister in the area of ​​the bed bug bite. So you need to be careful when you feel like this.

Things to do independently

To get rid of bed bugs, wash clothes and towels using hot water. Buy new pillows and sheets, and change mattresses if possible. When the attack is severe, go to the pest extermination service. By calling a reliable pest exterminator, you can also minimize the risk of re-infestation from the remaining bed bugs.

Do the best and as much as possible when diagnosing and treating bed bugs, so that these insects do not become a big problem and cannot be handled. Take the time and follow all the steps above because you definitely don’t want the condition to get worse. Is there another way to get rid of bed bugs? Don’t worry, we as a spray bed bugs bali will eradicate with guaranteed quality work at affordable prices and maximum service.

Spray Bed Bugs Bali



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