16 Mar

SHENPOS 57 T is qualified and economic Fumigant.

Shenphos® can be used on a variety of storage areas, such as: Silos, Warehouses, Containers, Ships and other lain.Dosis and Dosage:

Advantages Shenphos®

  • Do not damage the quality / nutrition commodities.
  • Do not change the taste, aroma and color of the commodity.
  • The residue is very low and easily lost by aeration or aeration.
  • Safe for the environment and does not damage the ozone layer.

Powerful, Easy to use, Economical, Safe for the Environment and Commodities.

Fumigant exterminator HAMA WAREHOUSE

Commodities agriculture / food is kept very susceptible to pests such warehouses: Tribolium sp., Sitophilus sp., Rhyzopertha dominica, etc. To protect it, you need a pest exterminator Shenphos® warehouse that has proved successful and effective.

Warehouse pest cycles: egg -> larva -> pupa -> Imago

Very easy to use simply by putting it on a plate or saucer evenly and is inserted between the sacks inside a plastic tent. Can be used in warehouses of rice, wheat, flour and others.

Commodity Goal:
Agricultural commodity / food that can be fumigated with Shenphos®, namely:
Grains, Grains, Nuts, Seeds crops, Cotton, Grasses, Fruits, Fruit preserves ,? Vegetable preserves, herbal ingredients, cloves, dried ginger, Cocoa, Coffee & Tea, pepper, nutmeg, tobacco, oil palm, copra, Milk powder, Starch, Cassava, animal feed, wood, bamboo / rattan, leather products.

Packaging: Cans (500 Tablet / 1.5 Kg), 3 grams / Tablet

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