07 Dec

Almost 90% of perpetrators of Pesticide Public Hygiene Products know this, because SERUNI 100 EC had been tested and proven effective to control insects, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, with a very low dose.
SERUNI 100 EC is a contact and residual insecticidal toxin concentrates that can be emulsified form, to control flying insects both inside and outdoors.

Why should choose SERUNI 100EC?

  • EFFECTIVE controlling flying insects such as mosquitoes Aedes aegypti and Culex sp.
  • SAVE, which contain 100 EC formulation, the dosage used is very low.
  • Scented soft and relatively harmless to the operator have low toxicity to mammals (Human)
  • EASY APPLICATION by spraying residual (Hand spraying), Mist (ULV, Mist Blow), and curing (Thermal Fogging)
  • Passed field test at the Research Institute for Vector and Reservoir Disease (BPVRP) Salatiga, Field Test Prop Health Office of East Java and Bali Health Office.

Suggestion use:

  • Residual Spray: 4-10 ml / liter
  • ULV: 4-10 ml / liter
  • Thermal Fog: 10-20 ml / liter Solar
  • The use concentrations and doses adjusted to the type of pests and field conditions.
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