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Did you know that flies are very dangerous for our health, apart from carrying disease because their habitat is in the trash, it turns out that flies also often lay eggs in the food we eat every day. So we are afraid of eating without us knowing it. Sanur Fly Control Services urge to maintain health, one of which is by maintaining food hygiene. Because if the food you eat is not clean or has flies, this will cause various health problems.

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The flies that land on your food will inevitably leave small eggs which will turn into maggots. At first glance it looks like food stains.

“The white ones are: moles. Who knows, there are those who don’t know, right? Until it doesn’t eat me Thanks flies ”

However, if a fly egg is swallowed, what will happen? Well, it turns out that these fly eggs will reproduce in the body, it’s just a little possibility that can occur because humans have a defense system.

But, if when you ingest a fly egg your immune system is not good, of course you will experience several symptoms such as stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting to diarrhea.

But in Washington DC, many fly eggs are cultivated

Parked under a tree awning in Camas, Washington, Doug Knippel’s altered semi-truck trailer smelled like strong sour beer. It was the aroma of hundreds of pounds of barley, left over from the local micro-brewery, being eaten by the young Hermetia illucens: the black army fly larvae. Knippel dipped his hand into the tray and returned with an organism the size of rice writhing on his finger. “I’ve been composting since I was a kid. I love turning trash into something useful, “he said. “I take out the trash and I create food from it, not just from the ground. Adult flies have a dark, emaciated body, do not bite or sting, and live only for a week. Unlike house flies, black army flies are not attracted to human habitation, they do not transmit disease, and have become endemic in many places around the world. A female lays about 500 eggs which hatch into larvae after four days. These maggots have a taste for everything rot, from vegetable scraps to chunks of meat, and they eat twice their weight every day. Once they expand, about a week after hatching, they reach their most valuable state as protein and fat nuclei.

In Indonesia, there are fly eggs that are exported to the Netherlands

From the data from Sanur Fly Control Services that is produced for later drying, it does not come from ordinary flies, but rather black army flies or Black Soldier Fly (BSF). BioCycle, a company that cultivates maggot, has sent to the Windmill Country twice. “Last year we already had export, this year it is the second time. Total exports are five containers, per container there are 7 tons, “said BioCycle Corporate Secretary Elza Mayang to Antara at the CDC Warehouse at Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta, Monday. The release of 11.4 tons of maggot exports was carried out in conjunction with other agricultural commodities by the Agricultural Quarantine Agency. There is also a price for exported maggot worth 4 US dollars per kilogram. Elza explained that the maggots cultivated by BioCycle are different from other producers because they do not use waste waste as a medium for larval growth, but instead use palm kernel meal or palm kernel mill (PKM). The production process from fly eggs to larvae takes 15 days. From 1 gram of eggs, you can produce about 70 kg of maggot larvae and then dry them.

If you don’t want to catch a disease such as diarrhea and even fly eggs can nest in your stomach, contact Sanur Fly Control Services because it has proven to be the best service.

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