December 27, 2021

Rodent Removal Bali – The presence of rats in the home area is indeed very disturbing comfort and threatens the security of goods at home. So we are ready to give you information how to get rids of them. Rats are small animals, can run very agile and have very sharp teeth, these often damage your property or eat the food you store.

Of course, this will be very, very annoying for those of you whose house has been used as a nesting place for rats. In addition to having sharp teeth, and being able to run agilely, rats are also animals in the category of very smart and ingenious animals…

It can be said that rats are very difficult to control by humans because mice have a very flexible body so that they easily make nests from place to place. on the other hand, mice also have very strong memories and can reproduce quickly. Is there a natural way to get rid of mice at home?

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5 Natural Way To Get Rids Of Rodent

  1. Keep the house clean

The presence of rats is of course due to the cleanliness of the house is not maintained, rats like hidden and warm places for nesting and raising their babies, therefore the cleanliness of the house must be maintained, avoid piling up irregular items, always check the pipes so that there are no leaking pipes, store household appliances properly and neatly, don’t leave your walls open, and close all access holes that might be used as nesting places or access by rats.

  1. Coffee grounds

Rats do not like strong smells, as we know the smell of coffee grounds is very distinctive and sharp. To repel mice, you can use coffee grounds by sprinkling them in places where there are indications of rats. This coffee powder works to remove traces of the rat because it has a very sharp smell. Given that the rat has a very strong memory, sprinkled with coffee grounds can make the rat untraceable.

  1. Camphor

Just like coffee grounds, camphor also has an odor that rats really don’t like. You can see mothballs in corners of your house or in areas where rats might nest.
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  1. Garlic

Garlic also has a very strong smell, garlic must be very easy to find at home, you can also use garlic as an option to get rid of mice in a natural way. To repel with garlic you can peel the garlic and rats into several parts then wrap them in gauze and then attach them to the indicated areas of rats.

  1. Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are also an effective option that can be used to repel mice in a natural way,
you can use mint leaves as another option, the way you can blend or pound the mint leaves until smooth and causes a very sharp aroma then mixed with enough water and then transferred to a container such as a small spray bottle and just spray the mint leaf liquid on the area that becomes mice

So, those are 5 natural ways to get rid of mice at home, do you think the 5 ways above are effective or not to get rid of mice? Surely all need a process, if done regularly, the results will certainly be seen.

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