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23 Jun

Rodent extermination seminyak – Rats, small pests that are very destructive and can transmit disease. The fact is that this animal can reproduce very quickly. Why do you think rats can reproduce faster than other animals?

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Facts of Rats Reproducing Very Fast

Gathering multiple sources in the article rats can not only transmit disease and damage some objects. But the scary fact is that mice can reproduce very quickly.

Why do mice breed so fast?

Rats have a very fast power in sexual maturity. Quoting from several articles such as, male rats ranged from 10-12 weeks and female mice ranged from 8-9 weeks. In fact, it can be said to be faster than other mice.

Surprisingly, one rat usually gives birth to around 10 children 5 times per year. The 3 month old rat pups are also ready to produce more offspring.

One mouse has entered, it is certain that other mice have also nested in your house. One mouse can damage 10 of your things, imagine if there are 100 mice there are 1000 of your things damaged by mice.

What’s more, the negative impact is that it can transmit disease.

So if one rat has entered your house, well, the population might turn out to be a lot. Be careful, ok! Interesting Fact, Rats Reproduce Very Fast. How come?

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Rodent Extermination Seminyak

Seeing that mice have the fact that they breed very quickly, you need to be careful if one mouse has entered and damaged some of your belongings. Immediately use the services of a professional rat exterminator for a powerful solution without having to waste your energy and time.

Umas Pest Control as the exterminator of seminyak rats and the surrounding Bali rats has more than 10 years of experience in dealing with rat problems.

Our office is located in Bali and our staff are certified to handle pest problems such as rats. Protect now before the rats hurt you more.

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