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22 Dec

Rodent Control Services Bali – Here’s how to control mice to keep your house free from mice, here are some effective ways to control mice. The following is an integrated mouse control.


To find out the information needed in controlling rats, a thorough and thorough inspection must be carried out. Inspections are carried out outside and inside the wake. There are several important things to be aware of during an inspection:

• Types of rats in the area (there are 3 types of rats that are often found sewer rats, roof rats, house rats)
• Location/where mice were found
• Problem caused by mice
• Environmental conditions around the site

The things that must be considered when carrying out an inspection are

• Rat droppings (feces)
• Sewer rats: collected, rather large round shape
• Roof rat: scattered, smooth, sausage-like shape
• Mouse urine
• Mouse hole
• Rat sound

How can rodent access your house

Identify locations that rats can pass through in exterior walls such as holes and cracks. Look for black rat tracks (scratches) on walls, floors and cables and pipes.

What do the mice eat on the spot?

• The type of material rats often eat helps determine the type of bait to use in the trap
Location of live and big mice
• To determine the placement of bait or trap

Environmental conditions contribute to rat disturbance

• Doors and windows that are always left open
• Leaks in sewers
• Poor storage practices
• Poor sanitation

How To Get Rids Of Rodents

Control or population reduction can be done by chemical and non-chemical.

Non-chemical control

Rodent proofing is often called exclusion, an action taken in controlling rats by closing access points that rats can pass into an area. Paths that can be passed by rats include gaps under doors, drainage holes, shafts that are not insulated, cable lines. Rodent proofing is the best solution for long term rodent control. Some rodent proofing practices:
• Closing the hole using a wire net.
• Closing the hole by using an iron plate and zinc.
• Closing the hole using cement.

1) Harbor removal
Harborage removal is a control measure by eliminating rat nests or reducing objects that have the potential as rat nests.
• Piles of unused material such as brick, wood, or used goods.
• Arrangement of goods in the warehouse or goods that are rarely touched
• Cutting weeds or grass that grows around the building.

2) Sanitation
Sanitation is one of the measures to control rats by cleaning food debris in every nook and cranny in an area so that no food source is available for rats and also repairing leaky drains or other water sources so that the water supply for the rats’ needs can be eliminated. With this sanitary action can eliminate the factors that can provoke the arrival of rats in the house can be eliminated. This action greatly supports the effectiveness of the traps we use.

3) Trapping (trap)
Some of the advantages of using traps are getting results quickly, avoiding the death of rats in difficult areas, traps also not containing toxins.
The use of traps is the best solution in the following situations:
• Rat population is not too high
• Expected to contaminate food
• If the mouse has deterred the bait
• Avoid rat carcasses in hard to reach areas
• If the use of bait is suspected to be harmful to children and pets.

Chemical control

Control using chemicals (ronticides) if non-chemical control is not effective or the rat population is high. Chemical control can be combined with non-chemical control.
Rodenticide materials are generally in the form of ready-to-use bait, namely baiting blocks and can also be used as a monitoring device to detect the presence or absence of rat disturbance in the area. Rodenticides are divided into 2 groups, namely:

1) Anticoagulant poison

Anticoagulant rodenticides are often called chronic poisons because they act slowly. This toxic reaction damages the system and blood vessel coagulation. Rats that eat this poison will experience bleeding in the ears, eyes, nose. In addition to bleeding, the rat’s body temperature also increases, rats will logically look for a watery, damp or cold place. So that it is possible for mice to die in the area of ​​​​waterways, AC drain lines and other damp and cold places.
The advantages of anticoagulant rodenticides are:
• Does not cause a deterrent bait
• The effect is slow so that it gives other mice a chance to eat the bait

2) Acute poison

This rodenticide has a very fast killing power, even one meal can cause mice to die. The lack of this rodenticide makes rats a deterrent to bait

Rodent Control Services Bali

Rodent control services bali

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