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20 Jul

Rodent Control Jimbaran –  There are various types of mice, one of which is the mole. If we often see rats roaming around us such as gutters, ceilings, hallways, it is different from gophers that actually live in the ground. This animal has a cylindrical body shape and is covered with fur and small eyes. In addition, what distinguishes moles from other rat species is their long snout nose. The mole uses tendrils on its nose to detect its surroundings. Through these tendrils, moles can see 13 points simultaneously.

The favorite food of moles is earthworms, they can paralyze moles with saliva that contains poison. In addition, invertebrate animals can also be eaten by moles.

How to get rid of Gophers

  1. Wear Scents That Moles Don’t Like
    The mole has a very sensitive smell. With this sensitive sense, mice can detect their prey easily. But on the one hand this sensitive smell is bad for moles.There are several scents that rats don’t like:
    -Coffee grounds
    You can sprinkle the remaining dregs from the coffee that has been drunk into the hole and then pile the dregs with soil. This can help to repel moles as well as help become fertilizer for nearby plants.
    Put some camphor into the hole and cover it with plastic. Camphor is quite effective at repelling moles because it contains naphthalene which has an odor that moles don’t like.
  2. Use Pet Litter
    If pet waste is usually dumped in the trash, it can be put into a tunnel made by moles . This is because cats are predators of mice, so moles will naturally give a warning signal that there are predators around
  3. Use Poison
    This is a pretty effective way to get rid of mice. You can put poison in the area around the mole’s nest. But this step needs to be considered if you have pets. Cats and dogs can also be poisoned if they eat the poison for the rat.

Rodent Control Jimbaran

If you have tried various methods but are still having trouble dealing with moles, Umas Pest Control can help to get rid of mice. We have been established for more than 10 years and are equipped with a license.


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