December 25, 2021

Rodent control company – Rats are nuisance pests whose presence we must get rid of from inside the house. These rodents not only like to dirty and disturb home furnishings, but mice will also carry serious diseases if left unchecked.

So that mice do not nest in your house, make sure your house is always clean. Because mice are always happy with dirty, black, and hidden places.

If left too long, mice will certainly increase a lot. Mice are known for their rapid reproduction. So that this matter must be suspected. If you can catch and repel until the parent is very large. That way you can avoid the breeding of these annoying animals.

With the method of making a mousetrap that seems very useful, especially for those of you who often create these small pests, in the home area.

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The Way To Get Rids Of Rodents

1) Life trap

This trap we often encounter in shops and traditional markets, this trap is a very convenient trap that does not use poison and does not produce an odor when trapped by rats.

The way this trap works is quite simple and easy to use even for ordinary people, just by using the bait that is preferred by the mouse which is installed in the trap and placed in the mouse’s path, if the mouse is trapped it will be inside and the mouse is still alive.

2) Glue Rat (glue trap)

Mouse glue is a mouse trap that uses mouse glue media and plywood boards used to trap mice, this mouse glue is a disposable trap and cannot be used again if a mouse is trapped in the glue. and also this mouse glue is very dangerous for pets and children.

How to apply mouse glue is also very easy, just serve a small plywood board and apply it to the plywood then feed it and place it on the roof of the house.

3) Mouse Photo

The photo of a mouse is a mousetrap that if a mouse is trapped it will die on the spot because this trap uses a spring system that can be squeezed. However, this trap is very dangerous, especially as a weapon to eat, sir, and many victims are attacked by this photo of a mouse, but the use of this trap is no longer used by only a few people because of the low price. cost.

4) Rat Poison

Rat toxin is a very effective trap to eradicate mice, but from its properties it takes a lot of victims and very bad losses. Rat poison can cause harm, among others, can be eaten by pets and cause our pets to die or other people’s pets, and if there is a dead mouse on the roof it will cause a bad smell if not found. for 2 weeks. However, rat poison is still in great demand for use as a medium for this pest.

5) Access Closure

Closing access is also often tried at home, this access closure is tried so that no rats enter the house again, with closing access the rats cannot enter and want to find other harm or cause more harm. Sometimes many of us make the mistake of covering the mouse hole access as is, sometimes with cloth or cardboard. This closure is very inefficient because mice can still damage it again and become access for mice to enter the house. But there are still many people who use this method

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Other Solution To Get Rids Of Rodents?

Rodent Control Company Bali

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