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21 Jun

Rodent control canggu – Rats are rodents that love to attack plants and homes. The presence of these rats can also spread very dangerous diseases and also make our environment unhealthy.

For some people who feel the effects of this rat, they will use the services of a Jakarta rat exterminator. Because with this service, you can effectively deal with attacks from disturbing mice. So, what are the signs if there are rats in our home environment? Let’s look at the following:

Signs of the Presence of Rats Seeing Dirt Around the House

1. Rat Droppings

The first thing we can see from the presence of mice is the presence of feces left behind. Rat droppings will be very easy to find in the refrigerator, cupboard, drawer and other closed areas.

Usually rat droppings are black and dark in color. If this rat dropping has been too long, it will be very easily destroyed when we sweep it.

If more and more rat droppings are found at one point, the rat population will increase.

2. Items Around Rat Bites

A sign that you can see for the presence of rats is the presence of rat bite marks in your home area.

Rats will bite whatever they like. Usually they will bite from electronic devices, books, clothes and even other valuables.

You should be careful if you have found these signs.

3. Bad Smell

Furthermore, when rats are in your environment, there is an unpleasant odor. The smell arises because the rats excrete urine and make a strong aroma.

If you have found the source of the smell from the rat, immediately clean it before it can spread dangerous diseases.

4. Mouse Footprints

You can see the footprints of this mouse by using a flashlight. Although small, we can still see the footprints of mice clearly.

This is caused by the rat’s feet that still contain mud. We will often encounter the footprints of these mice on the walls or floors of the house.

So it will not be difficult for us to find footprints from mice. Because rats will always go through that path to get in and out.

So, those are some of the signs that we can recognize to know the presence of rats. Rats if we leave it will be very easy to spread disease in our environment.

Rodent Control Canggu

In Jakarta today, the threat from rats cannot be avoided. Umas is now here to provide the best solution to overcome this rat. As a Jakarta rat extermination service, Umas provides the best service with a reliable and professional team. So you don’t have to worry, just contact pest control umas to solve the problem of rats at home.

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