December 16, 2021

Rodent control bali methods is important because it is quite scary without us realizing it turns out that the problem of babies whose lives are threatened due to lack of parental supervision is still happening around us.

Seeing this, how important it is to take care of babies needs to be increased again for us as parents. It was recently reported that a three-month-old baby in China was attacked by a colony of rats when left at home without his parents’ supervision. Unfortunately, the baby’s face was bitten by a rodent and reportedly suffered over 100 injuries.

It was reported that parents of babies before leaving their babies, they did not wipe their faces from leftover food after feeding their children. After being left for 15 minutes without parental supervision, the baby was already in a dying state.

The baby’s mother was really shocked and immediately took her child to the hospital. But unfortunately it can no longer be saved. It’s terrible isn’t it? Rats, which are small animals that we take for granted, can actually endanger someone’s life, let alone frown on our favorite child.

Discussing rats further, we as a rat control service in Bali would like to provide information on how to eradicate rats naturally at least to suppress the rat population in your residence so that things that are not desired by you and your family do not happen.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Rats

1) Peppermint Oil
Rats really don’t like the smell of peppermint. So by that peppermint can be used as a way to get rid of mice in your home in a natural way. The method that can be done is very easy, spray peppermint oil on the area that the mice feel is passing. This can help minimize the rat population in your environment

2) Camphor
The earliest method of repelling mice was mothballs. Camphor is believed to be effective at repelling rats. Put some camphor in a place frequented by rats. Wear gloves to be more comfortable and always remember to wash your hands after handling camphor.

3) Detergent
The second method to get rid of mice is to mix 2 tablespoons of detergent with a quarter cup of water. Place it in a place where rats often arise. This mixture will make mice feel insecure because they can’t stand the smell of detergent.

4) Environmental Sanitation
The most important thing to do is environmental sanitation. Seeing that rats are pests that like a dirty environment, it is recommended that we clean our dwelling or environment regularly. This is intended to maintain cleanliness and minimize or suppress the rat population to nest in our dwellings.

In addition, maintaining cleanliness is also beneficial for us to minimize diseases, viruses, bacteria that may multiply in our area. Isn’t it very good to prevent before things happen that you don’t want? It’s never too late to protect the environment.

Rodent Control Bali Methods

Based on our experience as a rat extermination service in Bali, rats can breed very quickly so it is quite difficult to handle alone. We’ve come to be your solution if you want to save your time tackling a large rat population.

We have a special method that is very unique and original in dealing with the problem of mice evenly. Stay away from things you don’t want like your child being killed by a rat, let’s suppress the rat population together. We are ready to help you anytime.

rodent control bali methods

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